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I’m trying to open a building programmed and created in Revit with Rhino 6. However, when I open it in Rhino, the textures and materials don’t appear, only the color. How can I open it with all the integrated materials and textures without having to reapply them one by one? Is there a mode that would allow me to attach the missing textures all at once? Thanks in advance.

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Rhino doesn’t read Revit .rvt files, so you must have exported that from Revit in some other file format. Which file format is that? What happens when you import that file into Revit again? Do all textures appear?

Thank you for your response. The architects working on Revit exported textures for me in PNG format, but none are grouped, so they’re disorganized in a single file, as shown in the screenshot below. Should I sort them individually to assign them to each material, or is there another export solution in Revit to avoid this issue?

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I was wondering about the 3d file format that is being used here, not the file format for textures.

@Japhy might have ideas here.

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With Rhino.Inside.Revit (Requires Rhino 7 or 8) you can bake all the projects materials to the Rhino document like so…

Thank you for the response !