[Missing Bitmaps] Revit Element with material --> Rhino geometry with PBR shader

Is it possible to bring Revit geometry with materials & bitmaps automatically into Rhino?
Rhino.Inside.Revit seems to have trouble baking Bitmaps with relative paths in Revit into Rhino.

Wall in Revit:

Bake using Rhino.Inside.Revit:

Wall in Rhino - missing bitmaps:

Revit and bitmap files for testing:

Second problems:
Revit material shall be translated to Rhino’s PBR shader.
You can currently see only 2 bitmap slots are filled in Rhino but there are in fact 3 bitmap used in Revit.


Rhino solves material relative texture paths looking on folders listed here.

Same way Revit does with paths listed here.

Updating the Rhino list automatically is a pending item in our to do list but still not implemented.

Transferring Revit materials as Rhino PBR materials is also on the list, aswell as the ability to transfer procedural textures like Checker, Gradient and so on.

Other things that are still missing and may be important for rendering are lights and cameras, also on the list but still missing too.

I tried to access your model but I’m unable to do it, could you please share it on an other way?

Thank Kike. Some great tips there regarding auto search path.
Also glad to know Revit --> Rhino PBR is on the way!

Please download my files via this link:

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