Projecting patterned image on Convex surface

Struggle bus…

I’m trying to project a rastered image(linework) onto a convex surface to perforate the surface. This is an architecture project where with a convex skin system that needs to be perforated so I am attempting to project a perforation pattern onto the surfaces.

I rastered an image in Illustrator and can bring it into Rhino but I have been unsuccessful so far using Project command which distorts the image because it projects the image in a linear path, drape command doesn’t seem to work either.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Jesse- it sounds like you’ll want to bring this image in as a texture to be used as a transparency map in a material. If you actually want to pop the holes out by trimming the surface, you’ll need to bring them in as curves - it might be just as easy to make the pattern in Rhino as well.


Jesse -

Paneling tools gives you a extra commands that may help map panels on the shape:

is there a vimeo explaining this process at all? I had brought in the .ai file but in rhino seems more precise

Hi Jesse- general mapping and texturing -