Projecting 2D Art onto Convex Shape to Create Emboss

This is a simplified form used as an example – would be more complex 2D art.

Currently using a technique of offseting curves and surfaces to derive final shape, it’s very time consuming and results are varied depending on the line artwork.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hello - see if the attached file is what you are shooting for -
ProjectObjects.3dm (150.2 KB)

If so, you can try this plug-in

ProjectObjects.rhp (20.5 KB)

Note it will fail if the bounding box of the objects to project misses the target object.


Thanks Cal, it does work on some of the objects I have – I suspect the base vector lines that I have (from illustrator) are not in good order before I’m extruding to a taper. – this is what I’m seeing. S shaped sits a little below surface in middle – curved one to right, seems to sit okay.

Hi Jim - it may be you need more points in X and Y - especiially if you are projecting a buch of objects at once - the x and y points are spread out over the entire bounding box of all of the selected objects. Feel free to post or ssend me an example of one that looks wrong.


So I’m getting the bounding box around these objects, although they’re not close to the edge I’m projecting to.
Message is: “try untrimming the target, or otherwise expanding it.”

apologies for the line mess – it makes sense on this end!

Hm - better send me the inputs, I’ll have a look.


Can I pm or email?

Either way…


just sent you a message with attachment.