Hi there,
I have a shape I’d like to project a centerline and stations onto so I can laser-cut some station frames. I have done this in the past on other projects but for some reason I cannot this time.
What am I doing wrong?
I am no pro so maybe missing something.

We’ll need the model, the details of the station spacing you want, and details about the version and OS of the Rhino you’re using if you really want some help.

Not sure what I can say about model. I have scaled it down from full size 70’ to 27" or so (1:40 scale) and stations are 50mm apart. I have Rhino 4.0 and running on Windows XP.

Hi Brian-Keep in mind that Project uses the currently active CPlane to determine the projection direction, not the curves, or the target or the view, so make sure you are in a view with a CPlane perp to the desired projection direction.


Thanks Pascal,
When I try to project I can select my station lines (curves to project) fine enough then try to select the surface to project to, it doesn’t highlight.
What am I not doing right?
( sorry, I am a beginner here trying to stumble through)

Hi Brian- can you select the target object (not in a command, just select it) then type in ‘what’ and Copy & paste the contents of that window here - let’s see what sort of object it is.


Do you mean this?

block instance
ID: c435ab33-ecf4-41d0-af25-fd89c77bed23 (44460)
Object name: OA65 EKM Simplified Exterior Assy _21.05.2015
Layer name: Default
Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1
Valid block instance.
Block Instance
0.025000000000000001, 0, 0, -20967.474828736311
0, 0.025000000000000001, 0, 4037.5248285508646
0, 0, 0.025000000000000001, 2418.6089975161854
0, 0, 0, 1
Block Definition
name: OA65 EKM Simplified Exterior Assy _21.05.2015
Block ID: FBD64005-6126-4fb9-9367-C6C3074880CF

Yep- that’s it- you’ll need to ExplodeBlock to use its contents as a Project target. For more info on blocks, see


That worked! I kept exploding all blocks until I was able to project on all surfaces.
Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.