How do you model this ? (puffy shape, tapered or emboss text extrude)

this is quite challenging for me. and so far, i have no idea how should i do it.
it should not be an effect, i need a real model (so i can merge into or subtract from other shapes).

here is the picture of model i want. the puffy shape at right side (colored gray-white-magenta and orange inside).

and here is the actual file (.EPS). the file dimension is 117x83 millimeters (bounding box, for ref)
file_dim.117x83mm.eps (26.2 KB)

this is what i have done so far.

any guide/links/videos about this so i can follow is appreciated. i’ve really stuck on this for a while.

also this is some kind of models i came up alot. any help?

Hello- with all this stuff, eps, AI files, and fonts, you’ll need to start by fixing the curves - they are almost certainly going to need it - your curves are riddled with tangent discontinuities and short segments - not suitable for building good surfaces.


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hi @pascal , thank you for reply. i think that’s happened when importing the file into rhino. actually the sketch files are external and i’m not who created them (mostly from corel, illustrator, autocad …). i’m not sure what is the best neutral format i can get. sometimes they are not in correct scale (.ai, .eps). dxf files are made of small lines instead of curved ones, etc… i agree, indeed it should be improved.

it’s almost done. but that puffy shape is the only piece which i’m unable to model at this point.
can it be created in subD or converted if i import that piece in a mesh model ?
any links or videos on how to model that is really appreciated. thank you in advanced.

file_stl.stl (781.3 KB)

this is the STL file created in other app. but that’s a mesh model. also it is not clean and smooth.

One way is to make a PlanarSrf from your boundary curves, QuadRemesh that (adjusting the quad count so you get only a few quads across each region, and selecting SubD output), then move the internal points of the resulting SubD up a bit:


hi @DanielPiker. thank you for reply. that’s very close to what i’m looking for.
i have to practice that today. i’ll post the results tomorrow. thanks.

Edit: outer loop start from like tangent to XY plane. how can i make it parallel to z axis?

You could select all SubD faces and extrude them, then add that extra puff by moving the internal points on the new top.

Using the “edge length” feature in QuadRemesh is also great for stuff like this.

hi, i did it with subd. and here is the results:

it takes some time to practice for now, but i’m still open for other alternative ways if there are any.
and maybe easier ways to emboss text like the picture above. (because extrude tapered makes glitches)
thanks for all the helps.

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