Project point to curve

Hi ,
When I project point to lines I also do the vector for direction but seems some still doesn’t project like what I want.
Could anyone check for me how to solve it ?
Thank you
point project (13.5 KB)

And how do you want the projection?
I guess by distance ,so you need to sort your lines endpoints and projected points by distance and if its to small flip the line direction.

Or project in both direction and sort them by distance.

You’re projecting multiple points onto multiple geometries. In order for this to work properly, some of the inputs need to be grafted.

point project (18.8 KB)

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I’d do something like this:

Scale and rotate the outer hexagon with attractor curve influence, and simply interconnect their unique vertices to get the basic guide lines.

Then for each of these lines, search for an intersection with the neighbouring line all around the hexagon to find the desired end points.

point without (11.2 KB)


Thank you so much for helping me to find solution

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some direction input I already set 2 point vector but still project to the reverse direction but it seems graft issue .
Thank you as well

Thank you share this file and let me know the different way to approach this type of pattern

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