Curve curve projection

I know this was brought up before, but I’m running into it a lot today. It would be great if Project accepted a curve as the thing to project onto. Curve curve projections would result in a point.


I think I’m really dense today, but how, in general, would a curve “project” onto another curve? Do you mean that the tangent at one end just happens to point directly at another curve and you would like to know where the tangent would intersect the second curve?

Oh, wait! Do you mean coplanar 2D curves?

Hi Sam, yep, I have heard this before, and I think I made a script for it- I’ll see if I can dig that up for the short term anyway.
ProjCrvToCrv (2).zip (1.1 KB)

(Unzip, drag and drop to add

ProjectCrvOnCrv ’

as an alias.)

It’s an oldie but it seems to work.


Ooo, a 2007 vintage :wink: Thanks Pascal