Cull the Project curve on the opposed direction

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to project curves to a scaled surface,however it generate the opposed curves too.Is there any way to cull those curves?

Thank you

Q4- Project curve- how to cull (96.1 KB)

Why you don’t use pull curve on the original surface than scale them all?

You can also use Map to Surfaces.

Yep, pull curve is working. But there other issues in this project , maybe project will be a better choice for the following steps.

Anyway thank you Seghier! :smiley:

Project is not precise in this case, you can see the deformation

Yeah, you are right, but I don’t have any ideas yet.

Thank you Kim. It works in curve3. The real one would looks like curve4, several curves(in red) would not on the same surface like the others. Map to surfaces seems could not drag those curves(in red) to the target surface. Please try the curve4 one more time.

Q4- Project curve- how to cull (104.1 KB)

Canvas at 17;51;00

Sorry, please try this one.

Q4- Project curve- how to cull opposed with (117.6 KB)


Q4- Project curve- how to cull opposed with (116.2 KB)

This part(red arrow) is still not on the scale surface like others. Is there any way to drag it on the scale surface?
That’s why I use project here, I wanna all curves on one surface.


So, what you want is that if your curves are off the source surface, wherever they are, do you want them to return to where they were supposed to be?
In order to do that, the original transfoming data from which the curves are deformed must remain in order to be able to return to the original positions.

You can’t project it to the right place with the vectors from center to middle points;looks like it need move and how you get these curves?

Maybe break it out and make them in order manualy would be an easier way.

There’re some position error while I get those curve from the architect.

Almost manual…

Q4- Project curve- how to cull opposed with (130.2 KB)

Thank you Kim!