Project match edge onto two surfaces?

Is this possible in Rhino?

Like edge A goes across surface B and C.

Or do I need to merge the B and C into D first so A gets matched to a larger D, if you follow?

(Oh, and I’m mainly asking about closest point matching G1 or G2 with “CurveNearSurface=On” option, ie normal projected alignment, because edge merging I think works and doesn’t impact the second surface anyway…)

Example file:

1.stp (26.8 KB)

Yep - use the ChainEdges option in MatchSrf


Ok, what about “CurveNearSurface=On”? Can you ChainSurfaces? :slight_smile:

Bump with another example, because I’m curious if it can be done at all (without merging the blue and green surfaces!)…

2surfs.3dm (378.1 KB)

Hello - no, there is no way to do that, that I know of.


Thanks for the confirmation!

Wait a minute… Rhino supports matching across two different surface edges??

This guy has a horrible solution, but matches to two trimmed edges belonging to two different surfaces and seemingly gets a result… so why is that supported, since it almost always by definition creates worse surfaces than projection matching (which, btw, is weirdly called “curvenearsurface” in Rhino… still haven’t gotten used to that).

Hello - I don’t really understand the question - these seem like two completely different things., chaining target edges and matching to a surface with no edge as a target… Are you asking for the latter on multiple surfaces? Yes, I see that you are…

RH-58730 MatchSrf - multiple target surfaces for CurveNearSurface


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From your answer, Rhino seems to have a generalized enough implementation of its match algorithm to not care that the chaining target edges come from two different surfaces… so why not extend that to the “curvenearsurface” option (so I guess it would need to be renamed “curvenearsurfaceS”? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Haha, wow, I forgot that my original question was what I just re-discovered in that video. :rofl: