Match - Curve Near Surface, Flip

When matching for tangency with a Surface Edge and CurveNearSurface, often the surface will wrap itself over. Is there a way to flip? Or do you simply need to flip the surface whenever it crops up?

If it’s already a wish as an improvement, I’d add my vote.

Hello - there is a Flip button on the Matchsrf control - that’s the case that button is there for…


Yes - sorry I missed that completely.

I recall seeing threads asking for being able to match across joined surfaces too so matching a surface edge to a polysurface, across joined edges. I would add a vote for that.

Really glad to have found a use for this at last - It’s a revelation now.

but that was always inside the match srf :

when you have to select the edges to match you can choose “chainEdges” from the command line.

Not quite - you can’t select more than one surface to match a surface edge onto, in the CurveNearSurface style.

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