Rhino 6 - Matchsrf MultipleMatches issue


I’ve recently upgraded to Rhino 6 and is running into issues with Matchsrf.

In Rhino 6 when urnning Matchsrf and after selecting MultipleMatches, I’m unable to select additional edge.
Bringing the file into Rhino 5, it works perfectly. Is this a bug or is there something I’m missing with Rhino 6?

Thankstest.3dm (82.4 KB)

Hello - use the ChainEdges option - is that what you mean? That is different from MultipleMatches , which allows up to four edges on the surface to be changed to be selected one after the other for matching to surrounding surfaces.


ahhh I see. Thanks for the quick response, that is new to this command.

Another question using the same images - the example above - the Rhino 5 surface that is being matched to, shows direction arrows. The Rhino 6 surface doesn’t (this matches what we’re experiencing here too) - is there any option to turn the arrows back on in the surface that is being matched to. We like them for confirmation of what we’re matching.

Hm… you should see arrows if you’re using ‘ChainEdges’


Do you not see this?


Ah yes - Thanks Pascal. We’re often just matching one surface to another surface and so aren’t looking to ChainEdges but if we do select it, then we get the arrows.

Follow up question - is there a way to have ChainEdges on by default? We’re finding that we have to keep doing MatchSrf then C for chain edges and that’s slowing down our process quite considerably as MatchSrf isn’t part of RhinoCommon so we can’t automate it…?

Hi Hannah - you can macro-ize it like so:

! _MatchSrf _Pause _ChainEdges


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