Project geometry to multiple surfaces

Hello everyone! My first time here)

The issue is that I want to find a way to project different types of geometry to the set of surfaces.

The set is backwards, and in front we see this set urolled and the curve to project. That curve is first to try, I want to be able to project a grid, set of curves, points or smth. I understand I can make it by hand to each surface and each geometry, but I’m looking for way to make a quick test

My idea was to “cheat” - to fillet the corners so I can make only 1 surface and use Surface Morph. But that doesn’t work properly or I’m doing smth wrong.

Would appreciate any advice for next step to try

project to (13.7 KB)
project to surfaces.3dm (135.9 KB)

Interesting approach. What is the ultimate goal in mind? Construction Documents? A student design project?

I hope constraction documents :smirk: but for that I need to make an impression for client so want to show him a few different patterns to choose.

Actually for constraction I would find the best way for chosen pattern, but now need fast (and not so precise) solution for variety of geometry

If you make the building from surfaces that are the same as the flattened and reference both sets of surfaces in the same order you can just do this. (26.1 KB)

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Thats it! I knew that there must be a way to do it! :tada: :tada:
And it works exactly as I thought it should work

Thanks a lot!! :grinning: :pray: