Project geometry onto a surface

Hello everyone, I would like to ask you, if there is a tool in grasshopper(or a way to do it), that allows to project (or wrap) a geometry onto a surface (or many surfaces) in a specific direction, like the example I posted here below.
Thank you in advance.

you can use Project component, which projects a curve on a Brep along a direction vector

it’s the same as extruding your curve -infinitely- along the projection vector, and intersecting it with the destination Brep

Hi inno,
Thank you for your quick response, but what I need is to get a projected surface in X with the same parameterization of the original, so that I can remap a feature keeping the exact shape from X view and still keeping demolding angles.
So any time you modify the input geometry(in purple) or the target base patch(in blue) everything is updated.

in this case maybe Sporph is closer to what you are looking for, but instead of projection along a vector it is based on reference surfaces: (26.6 KB)

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I see that is the closest solution. Thank you inno!

Maybe I could propose this function(adapt from vector) to be implemented because for industrial design it is very useful.