Project a curve point?

Is there any way that Project command could be expanded so that curve points are “projectable” onto surfaces? Of course, I can create new points, project those, then snap my curve points, but I have to do this for many curve points, and the Project command does not allow selection of curve points to project. It would be a very helpful feature. thanks - david

for that part, you could use _ExtractPt on the curve… maybe group them right away so they’re manageable.
(unless that’s what you mean by ‘creating new points’)

Hi David, here’s a RhinoScript that I made sometime in the dim past- Unzip, save and then drag and drop the rvb file onto an open Rhino. It will install and register two aliases


that will act like commands- you can type them and they will autocomplete. I think this script works pretty well… (1.0 KB)


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Pascal- I think David is on Mac

(that drag&drop install plus auto create aliases sounds neat though)

Oh, sorry, OK… we were in ‘Rhino for Windows’ so I assumed… I’ll see if I can make a pythonic one, not sure I’ll have time today. @dwalden, send me a private note or just post back here to remind me if I don’t get to it quickly.


OK, to try to free up Pascal’s load, below is my initial python version…

If at least one control point is visible, the script will ask you to select some control points. If none are visible, it will let you select some objects to turn on some points first, then select the points you want to project. Then it asks for the surfaces/polysurfaces to project to (can be multiple).

Right now the script is limited to the Cplane normal in the active view when the surfaces to project to are picked. I may add support for an arbitrary projection direction later, as well as the ability to project onto meshes.

You can currently project the control points of curves, surfaces and meshes onto a collection of surfaces or polysurfaces. I could add other types of objects to project if necessary/desired.

Note that this projects object control points to surfaces, not the objects themselves; as control points do not always lie on the object itself, the results may be different than what you expect.

This has not been tested extensively, nor on Mac (don’t have one here to test)… Use with caution.

FWIW, --Mitch (2.2 KB)


Thanks for your help! I will give this a try :slight_smile:

May I have access to the script file? It seems really useful.


Can this be made to work with Meshes as well as surfaces and polysurfaces?


This is the most recent version I have: (2.9 KB)

Works with curves, single surfaces and meshes as grips to project and surfaces, polysurfaces and meshes to project to.

ISTR @pascal also had his own version…

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