Project and pull to surface

Is there any way of projecting curves onto a surface without them being distorted by perspective?

I’m testing ways of making anamorphic graphics without the use of Photoshop and want to be able to do it with cameras and named views without having to skew a group of curves into the correct shape, which is pretty straight forward but I thought I’d see if there was an easier way.

I did make a script at one point for this - let me see if I can dig it up…

ProjectPersp (8).zip (1.3 KB)

Unzip, drag and drop the rvb file onto Rhino for these aliases to be added-

ProjectPersp (as I recall this uses the current perspective view point)

ProjectFromPt (this lets you set a point and direction)


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Pascal… Whatever they are paying you isn’t enough! That is going to save me hours of work, coupled with the remove micro loops command.

Man you’re a rock star, I owe you beer! :))

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OK, good deal! That is, I hope it actually works…


Oh yeah it works, I sent the message after I’d tried it out :wink: