Project onto Curve

Project allows projecting curves and points onto surfaces and polysurfaces but not curves with the result being points or curves.

It would be useful if the Project command was extended such that curves and points can be projected onto curves. The result would be points and/or curves.

My current procedure is to extrude a curve I need to project onto another curve, and then to intersect the extrusion and the target curve.

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Try the Crv2View command and look the help topic about it, it may be exactly what you need.

Thanks but Crv2View is completely different than what I’m looking for.

Can you post an example of what you are looking for?

Maybe my brain is out to lunch, but I think the only thing you will get from projecting points and curves onto a curve will be points - except for the unique case where you have a curve that is at least a piece of an identical curve in the exact relationship and projection direction to the first curve that the projection would lie on top of the first curve. And that case seems fairly trivial to me.

Correct. The points are what I’m looking for. Or when part or all of the curve to be projected is aligned in the projection direction with the target curve in which case a curve results

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How about curve–>extrude (new construction surface will go through other curve)
Then: curve–>from objects–>intersection

That will generate point(s) and/or curve(s) ~ keep the results you need,
Delete the temporary construction surface

That’s what I currently do which I described in my original post. It works but I would prefer just a single command as when projecting on to a surface.

Example file attached of what I’d like to be able to do with the Project command
ProjectOnCurve example.3dm
(48.6 KB)

Sorry I missed your detail … but there are lots of processes where I have to make an extra piece of construction geometry. Its nice to save some time, but we are just talking about two steps vs. one step.

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