Program Freezes or Takes Forever when Printing Layouts to PDF

When I print my layouts to PDF sometimes it gets stuck on the last page and takes forever to finish out the PDF.
-one way to fix the problem is to add a black layout page to the end of the pack and it seems to bypass the problem, but I don’t like having delete the page after.

Anyone ever had this?

Hi Roy - I have not heard of this that I can recall - what pdf driver are you printing to?

Not sure what your refering do but here’s a screenshot of the Print Screen

Hi Roy - just as a test, see if one of the other pdf drivers available ‘out there’ like CutePDF or PDF995 works better - we have had more trouble with the Adobe one than some of the others (Once installed these appear as printers, like the ‘Adobe PDF’ in your image.)


Those do work better

This may explain it…
Printing and Display are very closely coupled.
Adobe Acrobat has an atrocious track record with respect to being “fault tolerant” of problems with display drivers.
If your drivers are perfect, the the Acrobat authoring tools seem to work fine.
If your display drivers are a little glitchy (and most are), then Acrobat will crash or cause other problems.
CutePDF, PDF995, BullZip, and other PDF authoring tools seem to be far more fault tolerant than Acrobat.

It’s also possible, your Rhino file has problems that are gumming up the translation.
What happens if you run SelBadObjects?

Nothing to find when running the SelBadOBjects.

I’m not sure if this helps narrow down anything but if I can minimize the rhino window and then reopen it while the PDF is being created that seems to help un pause the PDF creation process

When I started having problems with Acrobat authoring tools, I started using PDF995 and BullZIP. That was years ago and I’ve never wasted any time with Acrobat since.

One further comment on this that may explain what is going on. If the program freezes while making PDF’s. I can unfreeze it by opening another rhino file. Somehow it gets things going again and instantly fixes the problem. Why would this trigger the PDF to go through?