Profile selection from Grasshopper?

Probably a quick solution but I haven’t yet found a solution on this after searching and seen through tutorials and videos online.
I want to have the opportunity to select the pre-defined profiles from beams and columns the same way as Beam Styles are selected. Alternatively as a text string. Hope this is a quick fix and just something I’ve missed. :slight_smile: Se also attached picture.

Appreciate all answers.

Hello @nbh,

Profiles are created inside styles, so you need to retrieve them from a style or create a new one.

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Hi Alfonso, Thank you very much!
So it’s “Sizes” defining which profile. Then I get it. :slight_smile: Would be easier with a right-click option there though. Have to figure out an easy way to make this a simple value list for the end user.

But again - thank you very much for quick reply!
Best regards Nikolaj

Hi @nbh,

Where would you need this option? In which component input/output?

It cannot be a value list because sizes are defined inside the style for now, so you need to take them from an already created style.

Had to be the Sizes output then I guess. Maybe even better in the input for Profile or have an Sizes-option in the “Beam Options”-component?

Did a quick static value list but like you said it’s controlled by the style so that can’t be changed in this scenario.

Anyway I’ll find a workaround now I know how to get the predefined sizes. :slight_smile:

Hi @nbh,

Thank you so much for these ideas! I think the first one about the right-click could be feasible. I’ll think about it just in case something similar could be added to our wishlist with your vote.

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