Product pictures for my webshop?

Is it possible to get nice product pictures out of Rhino with white or non background for my webshop?
Just a normal .jpg-file or similar. In case please let me know how!! Thanks!

When you use the the “Print” feature of Rhino you have the ability to save as an Image file instead of choosing a printer.

Down the left hand side you will find various options for changing whats visible, line thicknesses, etc.

Also if you choose PNG then the background is transparent when you import it into an Image Manipulation program such as PSP or GIMP.

Andrea, are you trying to avoid going through a lengthy/tedious rendering process? If that is the case then ViewCaptureToFile and print to image file, while in a rendered viewport can both produce OK images for the web. Just go to the display tab->general settings->background and choose solid color from the dropdown and pick your color.
However, higher quality effects can be achieved by using a proper render engine.