Process for developing the following system may be kangaroo or L system

hello friends,
i was looking at this super interesting work by CORE LABS and i just wanted help from you guys to know what would is the correct method for developing such a structure.
Looking forward for some interesting ideas. I was thinking of using Lsystem but not sure.

Hi @ishanshah4343,

This might be a step into the right direction, minus the L-System, but there lots of topics about that these too, if you search the forums.

Thank you so much for the response

so i tried the tree structure, however i had the question. i just wanted to know how to planarize the circle at the end of each line to get the above structure… something like i showed in the last figure (29.2 KB)

@ishanshah4343 Something like this?

You can achieve planarization by simply telling Kangaroo to displace certain mesh vertices to target positions during its evaluation. In your case these positions lie on an XY-plane.

You can even fine tune the Kangaroo goals and settings further, to get an even better result!
I’ve also included a lateral force, which acts much like wind and bends the structure slightly. If you don’t need it simply set it to 0. (31.6 KB)


thanks you that is what i was trying to achieve