Problems with rhino files between computers


So my partner and I are working from the same Rhino file on our own computers and I am running into a problem where, when I open her file, much of the stuff she has created displays as a wireframe and is not able to be selected. The rest of the model can be shaded, ghosted, etc, but much of it will display as a wireframe. And the trend seems to be that it is stuff she has made. We both have Rhino 5.

I’ve attached an image. As you can see, the shaded topo was made on my computer. The wireframe was copied on her computer. The colored massings are still editable for some reason. It seems to be random as to what is and isn’t editable.

I ran into this last semester (2 different computers) but I ended up doing most of the modeling so it wasn’t a huge issue.

Hi Roark,

Can you share one of your partner’s files? You can upload to if it’s confidential or post here. Please reference for Brian J. if uploading.

Thanks Brian! I uploaded the file just now.

update: when she saves as a Rhino 4 file, it works fine.
what properties, if any, would we be sacrificing by working that way (though it seems backwards)?

Hi Roark,

The objects were on a locked layer called new stuff. Unlock this layer and then run RefreshShade and select all objects when prompted (ctrl+A).

Such an easy fix! Thanks a ton Brian!