Problems with reinstallning Rhino on a new computer

Hi! I just bought a new computer and managed to download my old version, typing my license key and worked with Rhino for a while until today. I opened the program and it immediately crashed. I tried to download it again but it says I have to validate my license key…what do I do?

Hej Eva -
You don’t mention which version of Rhino you are working with and don’t provide any information about the new computer. I see that you have a Rhino 5 license and that your post has the “mac” tag.
Given that, I’m guessing you have a new Apple Silicon Mac and are trying to install Rhino 5. This is not supported - Rhino - System Requirements for Rhino 5

Other than that, for questions that involve licensing and validation issues, you’re bound to have to provide personal, sensitive information, and contacting is the better option.

Hi! Yes I have Rhino 5 and the new computer is MacBookPro Mac OS 12.6. So do I understand you correctly my version of Rhino is too old for this new computer. Do I have to get an upgraded version of Rhino (7) for it to work?

Hej Eva -

The simple answer would be “yes”.

The macOS version is only one thing.
The “problem” is that new MBPs are running on Apple Silicon, in your case likely the M1 chip.
That is a very good machine but Apple dropped all but very basic OpenGL support on those machines. OpenGL is what Rhino needs to draw the viewports. As a result, Rhino 7 might, depending on your requirements, not perform all that well on those machines. Rhino 8 is being written to support Metal on macOS and that performs much better.

The only one that can decide if Rhino 7 “works” on your machine is you. Download the 90-day trial and give that a spin. Decide after that!

Thanks for your reply! So you are saying I probably will be good with Rhino 8 but that will come in the future and for now try the 90 days with Rhino7?

That’s correct, yes.

Just on more question :slight_smile: when does no 8 come?

Our best guess is next year sometime.