Never think to purchase MAC OS for Rhino!

Hi Guys,

I’d like to share my experience with MacBook journey, I have started my journey with MacBook Intel processor 8 GB memory, and it was perfect in that time but I have developed my skills which allow me to design more complex designs, MacBook Intel processor 8 GB wasn’t enough for me, so, I decide to move to a new MacBook which is M1 16 GB, from there I start facing an issues slowness, crashes and other things, as I was thought that the issue from the processor !! I never think that the issue was to compatibility, so, I decide again to purchase the latest and powerful model from MacBook which is M1 64 GB memory which cost me a lot, as I have same result !!! (lowness, crashes and other things) .

Just I wast my money without benefits, however, after a months , my brother ask me to purchase a windows device 64 GB memory and other things, and it was more cheeper than MACBOOK !!

Rhino is working perfectly in windows !! as I was wish .

from that experience I’ll say don’t purchase a Mac to use Rhino .

the question is “will we have a Rhino will be compatible with MAC OS ?!!”

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believe me that is’t not correct as the updating isn’t resolve anything as I’m using macOS Monterey which is the latest version, but still having a lot of issues .

Look at that below example, I’m trying to run QuadRamesh, since one hour there is nothing … it’s not responding, as this is one of the issues with Mac, as I used windows and it was perfect .

I am also having issues with slowness in Rhino, especially when my models becomes too large. I thought it was my mac’s fault. Can a solution be found to make the mac version as good as the Windows version?

Not V7 unless Apple tunes up Rosetta and their OpenGL drivers.
That doesn’t seem likely.

The fix will be a binary compatible build of Rhino for the Silicon processors, and that effort is happening in V8.


Thanks John. And thank you for all the hard work to make it possible to have such a great application like Rhino 3D. I especially love iRhino 3D to use it to show my clients the designs I make. I still prefer Apple above PC for many other reasons. I am confident that it will be going better with the speed in future!

If you own a V7 license, have a run at the V8 WIP and see if it has enough tools working for you.
It’s not production ready yet but it’s improving every week.

The new “Metal” display language that has replaced OpenGL is proving to be a difficult nut to crack.

I’m exciting to try V8, I’ll download it right away, let’s hope that it better experience than V7 in Mac .

dont forget to use testmetal, or select metal, not sure how the current state is. only then will you see the speed bump.

We’re getting close to when the new WIPs will have Metal enabled by default.


That’s great news! Will this new version of Metal support features such as technical views, shadows, and ambient occlusion? Are those planned for the future?

We’re trying to support all of these with metal in Rhino 8. The goal is to not have OpenGL running on Rhino for Mac in V8.


Uh, exiting for both Intel and SOC! I hope you’ll have it ready for when I get my new machine. :slight_smile:

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Get a windows PC it eats it up you will need the new graphics card and 16 ram

I was on of the few people who started my journey on Rhino with macOS device. So I bought M1, some things are a bit slow but there are tricks to speed it. For my preview mode, I used modified arctic view that has lines enabled and flat shading. Somehow in that mode the speed is very good, and activity monitor revealed that Rhino was able to use 80% gpu…

And history keeps repeating itself…

but this explain so good why you shouldn’t buy a Mac.

I don’t know how big is the Mac market but from my point of view McNeel shout leave it now and finally concentrate on win.

@Max3 we discussed why not use a Mac: this is the final score!

Couldn’t have said it better @skysurfer

If that explains so good why you shouldn’t buy a Mac what about the hundreds of reasons why not buying a PC anymore? (having been a PC user for 20 years)

Having said this, please McNeel ignore such comments, we are looking forward to a METALlic Rhino V8 which runs as smoothly as in the old V5 times.


I love my Mac, and I love my iRhino and I love the Mac Rhino software. I had a PC and I had Rhino on windows before. I am not tech savvy and had so many problems with my PC due to anti virus software and my computer dyslexia.
For the past 10 years now on Mac , have not had any issues.

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