Settings and Licence Crash in Rhino 5 on MAC M1 PRO

Dear all,

I have recently aquired a new macbook, i use a lot of the adobe products and am used to the UI so have chosen mac for this reason mostly.
My last mac was a mid 2012 mb pro 13 inch running rhino 5.

My latest mac on M1 PRO silicon has issues running Rhino 5.

I have removed the licence from my previous macbook, and had no problems (initially) downlaoding and installing licence to rhino 5 on my new 2022 MBPRO.
But once i start the programme i get this dialogue box saying their is a problem with authentification of the licence. But I am also unable to access setting/preferences to try and change or adjust anything.

When i click on Preferences/Settings, Rhino shuts down immediatly !

This is quite annoying as i’m a huge fan and longterm user of Rhino on mac, well for over ten years now, and i really prefer its mac interface over the pc version.

Can anyone help me out ? Or do i have to update to version 7/8 in order to regain functionnality ?

All help is welcome !

Hi Alex -

Yes, Running Rhino 5 on Apple Silicon is not supported. You’ll have to upgrade to Rhino 7.

So there is really no other way unless i go back to the intel mac ?
Ok i will have to work out a budget for upgrading…

That’s correct, yes.

Thanks very much for the swift reply, i will look into the upgrade !

I am having troubles adding my licence for rhino 5 to the “Cloud Zoo” is it too old ? I would of hoped i could get the upgraded (less costly path)

The Cloud Zoo Internet based floating licensing manager was introduced for V6.
V5 and earlier licenses are not supported.

Hi -

Just to make sure: you can upgrade from any previous version.

@John_Brock thanks for the info

@wim is there a guide for the upgrade ? to follow or is it simply when going through the new order that the system will check if i have a registered licence or not ?

Hi Alex -
When you install Rhino 7 after having purchased an upgrade, you’ll have to provide the Rhino 5 license key.