Problems with Patch tool - Crazy creations!

I am trying to create a landscape using contours and the patch tool. When I select two lines, it seems to work reasonably ok. However, when I select 3 or more, crazy forms are created. I have tried restarting rhino and also my mac book… no change.

Would appreciate it if anyone knows what is going on?!?



It is simple to answer - you are using the wrong tool. Try Loft or Drape instead.

I was trying to follow this tutorial which produced exactly what I was after creating.

Hmm… I see. Never used Patch that way. It should be one of the following:

  • see that all curves a closed (SelOpenCrv will select open curves)
  • see that “Automatic trim” is on
  • pay attention to the order you pick the curves (try larger ones first)
  • check the direction of the curves (Dir command, and Flip option to flip direction)
  • if all fails post the file here