Problems with Extract Wireframe on a Lofted surface

I was following this tutorial here:

I made a set of curves and lofted it as was shown in the video.

I even rebuilt the surface to an appropriate amount of curve.

But when I try to extract the wireframe it gives me this!

Please help. I need to submit this assignment asap and I am stuck on this command.

I just need vertical cross sections on this surface sliced circular. Sort of like this image.

I will be really grateful for any help!

you can project a set of lines from the top view to have all the sections you need without worrying in the wireframe.

Oh… Let me try, thanks!

Thanks a lot, it worked like a charm! I dont know why I didnt think of this…

I am still curious as to what went wrong with extractwireframes though

you need to have the object showing the isocurves from the properties panel.
also you can configure more isocurve density without rebuilding the surface