Extract Surface wireframe BUG

I Increase surface Isovurves but I can’t get any more Isocurves in the Extracted Wireframe result
Using Rhino 8, 8.4.24030

Hello- thanks, I’ll check this.

@huss191998 - are you setting the isocurve density in the object properties? ExtractIsocurve seems to repect that setting here in the latest.


Yes I repeated it with multiple surfaces and increased it many times and I can’t get any more Iso curves

Hello- can you please post that surface in a Rhino file?


Sure, here it’s
Extract Surface BUG.3dm (3.8 MB)

Got it, thanks - that object is an extrusion object- Explode or ConvertExtrusion to get the surface isocurves. I will see if we can make that work better for extrusions - thanks for pointing this out.

RH-80355 ExtractWireframe: Use the extrusion isos