Problems with control-points

Hello community, I’ ve just signed in and I am really new here. Just startet working with rhino 5.
I watched a few tutorials and came across drawing a curve and the option curveExtrusion. The tutorial showed me how it should work: You get a few points where you can change the volume the way you want. If I do so I am just able to rotate the volume but there is no posibility to deform it.
Can you help me?

Gretings from Germany

I’m not familiar with the tutorial, but it sounds like they made a curve, then turned on History recording before extruding it. They maybe even made a history enabled copy.
Then turned on control points for the curve and dragged them around. This would cause the extrusion to update since it’s curve updated and also the copy of the extrusion would update.

Since this wasn’t clear to you in the tutorial, it sounds like they were just quickly showing you some of the things that were possible, but not taking the time to show the process until later in the tutorial sequence.

Hi Yannick - In V5, Extruding makes ‘extrusion objects’ and these do not have the same points as a NURBS surface of the same shape - (

You can use Explode or ConvertExtrusion to make it into a surface or polysurface object.


Wow thanks it is exactly this!
Thank you very much!