Rebuild Surface (from curve) - Not working


After extruding a surface from a curve, The rebuild surface command does not open, it defaults to Rebuild (not giving me the control points I need for u/v directions.

Rebuild surface works fine with other surface commands.

What do I need to do in order to extrude a surface from a curve then properly turn on the rebuild surface command?


If you extrudecrv the object will not be an Surface but Open Extrusion. Maybe copy the line and use loft to solve it. Dont know a better solution. Maybe someone else?


Thanks jordy!

Your method seems to work just fine.

I have seen in tutorials however an extrusion working as a surface, There must be some setting to turn an extrusion into a surface?


ConvertExtrusions will convert existing extrusions into surfaces/polysurfaces. To stop Rhino from creating them in the first place, UseExtrusions=No.

Cheers, --Mitch

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hello- this is a known bug in Rebuild I believe- it sees an extrusion and these, being different from surfaces - defined by the generating curve and not NURBS surface data - it gets the wrong idea about what it needs to rebuild. You can Explode and extrusion object to a surface, or use ConvertExtrusion, then Rebuild.



Wow! Thanks for the input Guy’s! I’m up and running and on my way!