Problems with baking text using Elefront & Human

I’m trying to find a plugin for baking text that will allow me to set font, size, point, orientation, and bake layer for a significant amount of annotations. I’ll be using it to annotate a circular diagram/infographic I’m putting together (so the orientation of the annotation is significant).

I was initially using the Human plugin to achieve this and it seemed to be the solution I was looking for until it stopped baking correctly. Human is correctly previewing the defined type; correctly displaying the location, orientation, size, and typeface in the grasshopper preview. However when the text is baked, half the input list is being rotated by 180 degrees, counter to how it is displayed in the red grasshopper preview; to my understanding, this is occurring completely independent of any input list or plane variables, especially since it’s rendering correctly in the preview. I’m completely stumped by why this is happening. It’s only a problem that seems to have arisen since upgrading to Rhino 6. I’ve attached a preview of the issue.

To remedy this problem I went looking for an alternative solution, coming across the Elefront plugin. My problem now is figuring out how it works and there seems to be very little documentation on the current version of the plugin. I am unable to define the size of the text, when inputing a value for the text I get the error “1. Invalid cast: Integer > Double”. I receive this error regardless of the numerical value I input, I just can’t figure out what it wants from me… I’ve also attached a preview of the issue.

As always, any help greatly appreciated and much thanks in advance! (15.0 KB) (9.9 KB)

I get the same errors on the Elefront text size.

Does leaving that blank and using the annotation style to set text size give you a successful workflow?

Did you check the annotation style of your text objetcts?
In Rhino 6, you have an option to orient the text toward the reader when upside down. You can uncheck that option.

Have you tried inputting a Double? 10.0 instead of 10. Just a wild guess since I never used elefront.

Also yesterday I found a bug in the newest version of rhino 6 where half of my dims were flipped after changing cplanes a few times. The annotations displayed correct an my layout-detail views though so it was no problem for the actual pdf’s