Annotation in Grasshopper

I want to make markings to my drawing in rhino through Grasshopper. Is there any Component to do so.

Hi -
There are native components to place annotations:

Apart from those, plug-ins such as Elefront also offer components.

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Thank you Sir. The elefront 3d text component is buggy with the size of text when baked. Any other alternative is available??

When baked the size is disproportionate.

Have you ever tried inputting a value to the “S”(Size) input?

since rhino 6 the elefront component expects you to define a dimension style
You can control all aspects of the dimension using this, then simply input the style name into the conponent

Size on grasshopper is just for the output display.
When you bake your dimension it become an actual “linear dimension” object on rhino.
To set its size check your annotation scale size:
2021-03-14 01_57_58-Window

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