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  1. Solution exception:Méthode introuvable : ‘Void Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity.set_FontIndex(Int32)’.
    Define text on Elfront doesn’t work anymore as construct text on Panda?? Is this due to Rhino Beta??
    Any idea?

This part of the SDK changed in Rhino6. Fonts are now assigned directly, rather than through an index.
So yes, it seems Panda will have to be recompiled for Rhino6 to work.

So actually there is no way to create a “normal” text entity under grasshopper other than text dot or text tag that could be bake by an external baking component other than the own baking function in the component menu?

TextEntity objects are quite complicated. Just look at all those properties. Which ones do you want to have control over when creating such an object in Grasshopper?

No I’m still confused. You specify text, a plane, a size and a font? What exactly is the output of that component?

You can bake TextTag3D, but you cannot specify the font.

Oh I see now, because it becomes bakeable data, you can use other plugin components to bake it to the correct layer etc. Yeah, that’s indeed not an option when using TextTag3D.

Note that the component with the error also has a Legacy icon over it, indicating that a newer one should already be available in the plugin you have currently installed. If you replace it with the newer version, does it start working again?

Didn’t know that a direct reply under Outlook would appears on the forum… Is that suppose to be a normal behave??

Dunno, I only ever use the web-interface.

Yes. The reply address (< steve >) is to this forum.
You’re not the only one…

@DavidRutten I can probably add back a hidden and obsolete FontIndex property back in to RhinoCommon and have it try to do the appropriate thing. If you find that is what is needed in this thread to keep elefront working, please make a YT issue for me.

First I’d like to know whether the updated component in Elefront itself already fixes the problem. @BEMAD hasn’t told us yet whether updating the legacy component fixes the issue.

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no it didn’t still the runtime error

  1. Solution exception:Méthode introuvable : ‘Void Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity.set_FontIndex(Int32)’.

All right; RH-42907.

@DavidRutten Can’t we define new Rhino text as parameter under GH now??

I don’t follow. ‘New’ Rhino text? No parameter types were added to Grasshopper recently.

i would like to get this text “Pl 2-16 Qty1” into grasshopper to be able to make a list of all unfold plates and make filter and search on names. But i can’'t set this text even in the generic geometry parameter.
Any ideas or sugestion?

Well i’ve manage to get the text with “object by selection” but how to get the “Pl 2-16 Qty1”??

@DavidRutten So there is no way to “read” rhino text entity in grasshopper now?

No, there is nothing in Grasshopper for getting the text data out of text entities or text dots or annotations. Text dots can be referenced, but all you get is the point coordinate.