Problems with attractor point catchment area - overlapping catchment areas


first of all, thanks for your time to support us.

We are looking for some further grasshopper definition parts that help us in the following conditions:

We have got a defintion that analyses the distances between attractor points and an amount of surface center points. Our definiton sorts the distances from small to bigger sizes and with some number slider compontens we are able to influence the catchment area of the attractor points.

The issue that results out of the definiton is, that the catchment areas are overlapping.

What we are used to:

We are looking for an total amo

unt of surface center points that are all influenced by one single attractor sorted by nearest points. Further more we need the ability of influencing the catchment area (how many surface center points are influenced).

Thanks for all! See the attachment of our files.18031 (71.7 KB)

Upload file, please.

-> Niemand hat Zeit euer Script nachzubauen ;D

180530 Projekt110_3D_Gerü (90.1 KB)

Danke dir

Internalize data, please.

So may this helps. Just a quick modification. If a surface is attracted more than once, it will pick the highest value. So your result will be more smooth and without double extrusions. Made the example on the first two attractors.

Btw. check you initial surfaces. There are some doubled/overlapping.

18031 (74.6 KB)

If that’s not what you’re after, don’t hesitate to ask again. :slight_smile:

Edit: You can also replace “sort and list item” with the “average” component, to get the average of the different attractor values.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You don’t have much to do. Tree Branch, Sort and Match Tree for every attractor. Plug them into the Merge Components to the first ones and it should work.

Thanks and good luck with your project.