How to add overlapping attractor values/distances (lunchbox attractor)?

Hello, please see the attached GH cluster with internalized data.

I have simplified this a lot from the project that I am working on- I need values applied to points to use as weights for something else. I have several circles that each test a grid of points for inclusion and then, using the center point of these circles, apply a 0 to 1 Luchbox attractor to the points. So the points closest to the center are 0, farthest away are 1. This is working well:

In some cases these circles and attractor fields overlap so that points in the overlapping region are getting assigned values from more than one attractor:

What I want is for the overlapping values to add together so the total number of values I have is equal to the number of points I am testing.

My thought is that I somehow need to compare the branches of the value tree to each other or to the branches of the tested points and identify the overlapping values, then add them together. I can’t seem to come up with a solution to do this.

If anyone has suggestions on how to do this, or ideas for another way to do what I am doing, I would be very grateful.

Thank you

Overlapping_Attractors.ghcluster (3.9 KB)

hi @user463 to me it looks like you first have to cull the duplicate points, then measure the distances between the remaining unique points with the attractors and add these distances based on thresholds you set.