Problems when rendering

Hi, we are trying to render an element, but we are getting an error. The point is that when using a token it works, but when changing the token we obtain this error:
Uncaught: (in promise) Error: loading of geometry failed
When checking the console we get this (inside the toTinyColor function):
if(coloInput.hasOwnProperty(‘getOriginalInput’)) — colorInput undefined
Any help will be more than welcome.
Thnak you.

I need a bit more information to get to the bottom of this. I assume you are referring to a model embedded with direct embedding. Does this error appear in your application? Or do you get any errors on the ShapeDiver as well?

Links to the model on the platform and your application would help a lot too.

Hi @pavol I jump in here just to help out, as David is consuming our models from SD. This is a private model but works ok in our front-end. The URL of the model looks like this, hope you can find it: transmission-tower-sample-10

And yes, he is referring to a directly embedded model. On SD the model is ok :wink:

You don’t need to change tickets, simply use the one that works.

I think David meant that they are swapping tickets for different models. …So, let’s imagine that we have two different models, with two different tickets. With some user interaction user chooses one of these models and expects to display it in the browser. @david.humanes please correct me if I was wrong here about the assumption on swapping tickets.

You are right @Balazs_Kisfali . Here it is the code, if it helps.

var initSdvApp = function (/event/) {
// Checks the simulation type
var ticket;
if (hdTipoSimulacion.value != “2”) {
sTicket = “c476adeff0ff34e441cdfb98d00686b190da95375202b18a3aaccd50120db1f0f04b14538b266133ec404f33fea062c81a9ca699e2cecf05099b19485285d40378453bac49a1c4f42a0c9cae516950de227bab05cada95a723e25ea790a6ae04e7c4fba8a901fe-703bd0a91914fb40c73c011f1513f835”
} else {
sTicket = “1c6bd70630b4a423a799e72653f6c960ca188c761691fe6712a090a48e669a804a99242367be98d2238613aa5f20451755d06ea908370dd960ddcd3ba2c7fe95c50ecaa5ca511a70ff3146bc9a707bde64c0787f95d1ccdc9d9c3cd492e57d4b22f1f102ee6a4e-19907401eb9aa11b78fe995822935b1a”;

let _container = document.getElementById('sdv-container');
let settings = {
    container: _container,
    ticket: sTicket,
    modelViewUrl: "eu-central-1"

window.api = new SDVApp.ParametricViewer(settings);


Thank you very much

It is unclear to me yet how switching between tickets is implemented in your application. In your code, it seems that the user chooses one ticket or the other before any viewer is loaded, and then you instantiate a viewer using the chosen ticket. Is that the only time the switch happens? Is this step creating an issue? Or are you trying to then switch between tickets after a session has been already started?

Hi Mathieu, this is for a very important demo, so we just need to show two different types of models. Depending on the model we open a different tab, but we can switch between then. The first ticket always works fine, the second launches the error. If we force using the second ticket (without any switching) we always get the error. Thank you very much for your help.

So you mean that the problem is not really related to switching but it is related to this second model? Did you try to embed this model alone, without any switching?
I think I might need a codepen or at least a live link where I can investigate.

Yes, I have write directly the ticket instead of using a variable, and we get exactly the same issue. We have tried with firefox and with Chrome just to test if it could be something related to the browser, but no results. We are using this library:

If you need something I can do to help you investigating, let me know. Thank you very much.

If this is related to a specific ShapeDiver model then please send me the model URL (by PM if you want to keep it private) so I can try to embed it on my side and reproduce the issue.

We are attacking the model from, but we do not have any other url, just the library and the ticket.
Thank you very much.

@Balazs_Kisfali Are you able to provide me a url corresponding to the model the creates issues?

Hi @mathieu1 I just sent it, …hope I sent in the right place :wink:

I could test with the link provided by @Balazs_Kisfali and I did not have any issues embedding that specific model. I am guessing the issue is strictly related to what you are trying to do and how your application switches between tickets. Therefore I would need access to the application or even better a minimal codepen example that reproduces the issue.

Thanks @mathieu1

looping in @david.humanes