Problems when opening archives in Grasshopper and Revit

Good afternoon, I’m having some trouble when opening a Revit file that was made from Grasshopper:

  • I made the Grasshopper code, then imported it on Revit.
  • I made some changes in the Revit file, but none of them related with the geometry created by Grasshopper, so I need to open both files.
  • But when I open the Grasshopper file it tries to create the elements again, failing to do so, because all the geometry is already in Revit, but it’s not linked to Grasshoper anymore.
  • One solution I found was to unplug all geometry and delete it in Revit. But there must be a better solution to keep the link between both files.

Does anyone know a way to open both archives without duplicating the geometry?


Unfortunately we still have not solved this, but is on the list.
There is an open issue in GitHub to track it.

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