Problems on opening a file (Rhino 6)

Hi you all,
I usually work with Rhino 6 on my windows-pc. I have a MacBook M1 laptop which I use for holidays/when I travel.

I am trying to open a file (that I saved on my PC), but I am not able to open it. The app is freezer.
The same with a friend of mine, who has not M1 processor but the old one.

The file is not corrupted, online viewers are able to open it.

What can I do? Why is there this problem?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Virginia,

Can you type in SystemInfo into the command line and post here?

As well as upload the file here please. Rhino - Upload to Support


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Hi, the file is 180 mb, I attach the link

about Systeminfo:
systeminfo.txt (3.3 KB)

Thank you very much

Hm… your file is saved in a Technical display mode active - it takes some time to generate all the required info for that to display properly. My guess is if you save in wireframe in all views, it may open fine on the mac.
@virginia Keep in mind that this is a public forum - if you post files here they will be public. If you do not want your file to be public please edit your post to remove the link. Send confidential files to


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Hi Virginia - does your colleague who also sees the problem also run BigSur (10.16) OS?
Here we are able to open the file.


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M1 isn’t supported for Rhino 6 mac

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Hi Pascal, thank you very much for your answer! I am going to delete the link, I forgot the public view; thank you for your discretion.

I do not have the windows-pc here (indeed I asked to my colleague to open and make a save-as), so I can’t make a save-as. Anyway, I tried to also open a bak version, without the style applied, and the same my mac was not able to open it.

His version is Monterey 12.1

Hi Japhy,
but why I can open new models and draw something?


From my understanding, as a new to Mac user, is that apple changes to the graphics pipeline can’t be ported to the older versions efficiently. Working in a new file isn’t taxing, but a larger shaded project or rendering will fail.

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thank you. I sincerely hope that is not this the real answer, only because I always work with very heavy files… and it would be impossible to me to collaborate with others