Problem with texture in block definition

Dear all,

I’m randomly getting problems with textures within block definitions. While they look fine in the block file, they are messed up in the parent file:

When I import the file into the parent file without using a block definition, it looks fine.
Sometimes it helps when I import the file, re-export it and then open it as block definition, however this time the trick does not work. Any ideas how to deal with it?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Cyana - it is impossible to say without a file(s) and some instructions on how to reproduce the problem. Please post the files here, or to, with a link back to this topic in your comments.


Hi Psascal,

thank you for helping out. In the uploaded zip you find the block file CTVert.24.L030.01.3dm together with the texture file for the material CTVert.png, and a freshly created parent file Texture.3dm.

To the left you see a plain import of CTVert.24.L030.01.3dm, that looks correct. To the right CTVert.24.L030.01.3dm is imported as block instance and the texture mapping is messed up. You can try it yourself - create a new rhino file and import CTVert.24.L030.01.3dm twice - one time as plain import, and the other time as block instance.

thanks a lot (9.8 MB)

Hi Cyana - this looks correct here in 6, not in V5… I guess this is a bug in V5 that was fixed…

A full render in V5 looks correct, here, just the rendered viewport does not.


Hi Pascal,

thanks for checking. I’ve now removed the messed face of the object and created a new one, this finally worked.

best greetings and thanks for your help