Problem with tab Icons resizing entire window

I recently reinstalled my boot camp, windows 8, and rhino 5 and I’m running into some issues with the window resizing when I click on some icons in different tab menus (icons I’ve tried: save, open, capture viewport). I’ve also installed the plug-in to resize icons for high-res screens (link). There are some screenshots below if that helps explain whats happening. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

before clicking icon

after clicking icon

Hi Tim - please try the testToggleFileDialog command - add this command to Options > General > 'Run these commands when Rhino starts. Close and reopen Rhino - does it behave now?


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Try running TestToggleFileDialog and see if that stops the resizing.
If it does, add it to the list of commands that run when Rhino starts:

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Fixed! Thanks so much!