Sweep 1 and Pipe variable radius


Hi there,
I tried with different tolerances, but I have not found a solution to this problem.
Sample file:Sweep 1 and Pipe variable radius error.3dm(144.3 KB)
Sample image:


Aaah yes, This problem has been around for a while.
If you check Untrimmed mitres in Sweep1 the intersection works correctly, however the pipe shape goes very strange.
Without untrimmed mitres the pipe shapes are correct but the intersection fails :frowning:

A workaround is to run intersect on the two pipes, then you’ll have to explode the intersect curves and rejoin them correctly. Then trim and all is good.

It’d be nice to see this fixed some day.



Yes, this shouldn’t be likely a big problem to solve.


I think it is actually. I believe it’s got to do with intersections that are asymptotic.


No replies to this case? It is a trivial sweep 1, or a pipe of a simple binary … We await a response

(Brian James) #6

Hi davide,

Thanks for this sample file. I’ll file this case (RH-20705 / this report is not public at this time) for our developers to look at. I think it might be more complicated than it appears. In the meantime, check out this solution using Trim. I think it produces what you’d like albeit with an added step. TrimSample.3dm(166.4 KB)


Thanks Brian, as always.