Problem with reading external files

I am having constant problem with this component:
It is fed by list, and sometimes it is missing none, sometimes 2, sometimes 4 files (out of 30-40, I would say) with identical setup.
Reloading or recomputing script helps occasionally.

Hi Piotr -

I’m afraid I’ll need more information to be able to reproduce this…


Hi Wim
This is a part of monster definition that loads multiple files into scene, and, as I wrote, sometimes it completes the task, sometimes it fails.
It looks like the most promising way is to completely restart machine where there are no many processes running in the background.
I have a counter READ vs LOADED and I always know how many files are missing
Each file to be loaded is 0.5 to 3MB. GH picks them from storage folder according to the list that comes from excel. This is quite complex setup and I could only demonstrate it live.
1st recompute: 34 / 31
2nd recompute 34 / 33
3rd recompute 34 / 33
4th recompute 34 / 30

Just to stir the pot little more:
Read 3dm from Human does it without errors:

I would like to see it working using native components. I am not fan of plugins in this case as it requires installing them on every machine of every possible current and future users.