Useless read 3dm component

What’s the value of this component if it can’t read even the simple box?

Human never fails to deliver though.

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Hi Piotr -

It looks like it reads several boxes just fine, but with just an image, there’s not much to act on here…

Hi Wim
This is something I have reported ca 2 years ago.
I have a script that, at some point, import external models.
I never had any problem with Human but almost always with native 3dm reader.
There is no point of sending anything, especially this big and complex:

Try loading 20-30 various model files into one scene through Gh and see whether you get any success and by success I mean no errors.
The thing with 3dm reader is that, sometimes, reads everything, else it reads this or that, whatever it picks.

Hi Piotr -


What is your theory then? What can I do/check to make it work?
You can clearly see that I am struggling to load simple boxes…

We have a completely new scheme on how 3dm objects are handled in Rhino 8 and how 3DM objects and documents are handled. In some ways to help address the inability to process whole 3dm.

Some of the original information for it: Rhino 8 Feature: GH1 Is Now More Than Just Geometry!

We still have more plans to support this newer process.

Hi Scott
I am aware of what Rh8 offers, but this change would affect the whole team and we are not ready yet.

Yeah, it is quite a change. We are also still working out all the implications. Each service release we continue to refine it.

Hi Piotr,

from your posts there is nothing someone else can make use of. I would try to provide an example file (not gh, but the 3dm file). The error does not necessarily need to come from the reading, but could also be a problem of writing those files in first place. There can be so many problems that its impossible to guess or guard against it. It could even be that Human is encountering the same problem, but does not show it. It is not necessarily good to see no errors, if exceptions are ignored and data is simply missing. There are many uncertainties here, that providing a minimal example is the best bet to get it fixed. Other than that, you can use DNSpy to load in the .gha and set a breakpoint with attaching to a running Rhino process. So that you can step through the code for yourself. This might also help you to create a custom alternative

Hi Tom

I’ve sent test files to McNeel via private channel.
This is not the first time I am encountering this problem and makes me really wonder (should there be any error in creating the file) why Human works well, always.

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