Problem with Project

Curve, points, sphere, I carry out Split, and then I use Project for movement of points to the region of a surface. But not all points correctly move. Why?
Untitled.3dm (444.9 KB)


Hello - presumably that is due to tolerances at the trimmed edge.


How? Accuracy for all edges one.

Unless it is not an error of the program (bug)?

Hello - please try setting the file tolerance to .0001, then do the trim and the Project. You’ll likely see that this works better - see


I have created the new file and I have executed the same operations at tolerance 0.0001 - the problem remained. :frowning_face:

Hello - I’ve been testing V6 and it looks like this is V5 - the developer tells me there is a bug in V5 trim where the edge tolerances are not what they should be and Project misses the trim - in V6 this is fixed.


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Good :grinning: