Rhino Crash

Hi Wallacei;
Please advise me, what should I do to prevent rhino Crash, when I doing optimisation with Wallacei? I’m using Honeybee plugin and it uses radiance + energy plus!

Wallacei estimated the run process takes 30 hours with 1000 population, it goes roughly 20hours but suddenly rhino crash!


It is quite hard to figure out where your problem is without even seeing your file. The rule of thumb is to make sure not to have problematic geometries or operations that would cause issues.
One way to troubleshoot might be to check autosave in tab 1 before running the simulation. By doing this Wallacei will save the simulation data right before rhino crashes. You can then open the GH file and wallacei and export a couple of last phenotypes and see whether there is any problem or not.

I’ve checked, but it seems that there isn’t any problem in simulation.
And there is no way to continue the optimisation process from the point that it crashed? and when we restart the rhino after the crash, Wallacei can’t continue the optimisation?

At the moment the public version of Wallacei does not have the resume button. So if it crashes you need to run again.
You need to check the file at the point of crash. There is always something there that you would not expect to happen, speaking out of the experience.

thank you for sharing your opinion with me