Problem with Offset Surface

Help! Having some problems here with offset surface component!
The result was just not ideal with pointed edge protrude out. I tried both offset surface and also the one in peacock. Thank you.

However, when I baked the brep and use the OffsetSur command in rhino it is working (34.3 KB)
also tried to use python rs.OffsetSurface( surface, 0.2 ) but the input brep is not recognized as surface
I have a large quantity of this objects with different command relations, so bake them, offset, and then import is not really realistic. Searches online for a while can’t find a solution.

thank you!

That component you are using is from Pufferfish. Both that and the one from Peacock are for offsetting surfaces, not breps. (Although they can offset brep faces treating them as surfaces).

See this tread to learn more: Pufferfish "Offsrf" component : screwy result