Problem with Ngon joints

Hello! I have an issue with the joint function in Ngon plugin in grasshopper. I can not get the joints to work in my own file or even in example file that Petras Vestartas supplied in another topic [NGon 3.0.0 - Update for Wood-wood connections - Gallery - McNeel Forum] (NGon 3.0.0 - Update for Wood-wood connections - #3 by Petras_Vestartas). Somebody have a solution or a tutorial to the joint function?

Thank you
Jakob S. (19.8 KB)
Joint (114.5 KB)


Do you have planar geometry?

For cross try this: (17.9 KB)

And regarding the panels side connections, sides must be planar and touching to each other: (34.1 KB)

I am also rewriting this code to compas_wood package that is still :steam_locomotive: under development :steam_locomotive: (compas_wood - Table of Contents) :

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