Joints between elements

Hi! I am wondering if one could please help me. I need to 3d print a physical model this week. I wanted to add the (Male - Female) joints between the bricks like in the image below. I have red that Kangaroo 2 Checkerboard is used for this task of adding the joints in the project below, but I am not very familiar with it. I was wondering if one had experience with this before? If one could please help me with this? I have attached the 3d model and the gh code below. (NGon) plugin is used along with (OpenNest). Many thanks!

Hexagram Bricks.3dm (216.5 KB)
Hexagram (39.6 KB)

i have zero experience with all this, but there is an operator within ngon to create joints right?

Joints VDA - NGon - Component for Grasshopper | Grasshopper Docs

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Here is the example file.

It is only geometry that could be 3D printed while real fabrication methods require much different cutting strategy.

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We did this version old time ago using solid lumber:

Hexagram Bricks (65.5 KB)


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Thank you so so much Petras! I can’t find words to thank you enough!

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