Problem with Moving points along a freeform surface!

Dear Sirs

I have made a simple script here to move the points branches of a divided surface towards the z direction using a graphmapper as show to achieve a sort of curtain effect.

It works fine on a flat surface but once I apply it to the adjacent freeform surface it will fail obviously becos of the direction of movement.
I would hope to make the points move in the same way as the Graphmapper but following the surface curvature and isocurve (V) direction.
Would any experts there have any advice for me please?

Please find the attached file for your reference.
Thank you so much!

points along (8.4 KB) Surfaces.3dm (207.7 KB)

Like this? and beware your freeform surface has different uv directions than your flat surface.
I’ve swapped your freeform surface’s u&v directions to demonstrate the consistent result.

points along (132.1 KB)

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Hi Kim

Thank you so much, I see that you have moved the points in the Normals direction which produced an offsetted result and what I really need is to move them along the curve surface so they produce a draw curtain effect on the freeform surface.
I have attached the image I need to achieve, which is done by morph. You can see that the points should move along the surface according to the Grahmapper. I just wonder if you would know a way to make this translation on the actual surface instead of using morph (made from a flat surface)?

Thank you so much!

Check this as well.

points along (134.0 KB)

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Thank you so much its almost there, if you see my image and also the original flat surface, at the end of the surface, the curves will merge upwards which produces a partial open curtain effect. Can this be achieved? Thanks!