Problem with Lights in the Raytraced viewport

Do you mean like this?

The Render view, still looks a lot more different than the raytraced…
Is it a Rhino7 thing?

Should look the same. Raytraced and Rhino Render in V7 are rendering with the same render engine Cycles.

@oskars.pantelejevs maybe you can share a file in which Raytraced and _Render do not agree between each other?

Or are you using Rhino 6? In that case Rhino Render and Raytraced will not look the same.

I am using 7 yes.
Hmm , The issue is with the spot lights. So I am adding lights to the scene. That’s where the difference happens. I am not sure if you have any lights in your example. I’ll see if I can get a file to share.

If thing look different between the two toggle the Raytraced viewport briefly to a different mode and back. Do the two still look different then?

hmm but actually i guess, what I am doing is going between rendered viewport and raytraced viewport.
Hmm actually it looks like my problem is with something else. I was using Rendered viewport as a preview for Raytraced, but I guess Raytraced works quite differently from Rendered viewport. … but is there a way to preview raytraced then? … Or should it be that what I see in rendered viewport will be better but the same in Raytraced?

In image, on the left -rendered viewport, raytraced on right

Rendered and Raytraced can’t be compared. The lighting, reflections and transparency are handled quite differently.

You could assign your light bulbs emission materials. That way the geometry will be the light source itself.

On that idea, on the right side, the white object has been assigned Emission material, but it doesn’t really seem to affect the scene much. How big of an intensity it needs to actually illuminate stuff like on the left side?

Emission will not look the same between Rendered and Raytraced mode. But you’ll have to play with the emission intensity to get the lighting you are happy with in Raytraced.

Below a couple of renders from a scene with lighting only from the LED filament. This filament object has an emission material set. the whole scene is in an enclosed box so no skylighting happens, for which I set the intensity to 0.01 anyway - probably could’ve set it to 0.

Emission intensity set to 1.0

Emission intensity set to 9.5